About Us

Free Market Healthcare LLC is a privately own and managed Texas LLC. We create, manage and market an integrated direct contracting health care system to include but not limited to Primary Doctors, Specialist Doctors, Surgery Centers, Free standing ER Centers, Free standing Urgent Care Center and Surgery Hospitals.

We presently have fifty-two and growing Primary Care facilities in Texas. The Primary Care Providers are reimbursed on a capitated schedule.

The Specialty Doctors and Facilities will be paid on a two tier payment schedule.

  1. Paid within 30 days
  2. Cash at time of services

Facilities prices are to be bundled.

Free Market Healthcare is redefining how healthcare is delivered. We provide excellent primary care for businesses at an affordable cost. Our clinics provide comprehensive medical care, wellness and chronic disease management.

The Specialty Doctors and Facilities provide the finest specialty care at prices that are very competitive in the market. We are committed to breaking down barriers to accessing healthcare and identifying, treating and preventing health conditions early before they become serious.